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Guide to Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) & Motor Sizes

ESC Max Motor Size ESC Notes
Marine 10 385 545 550 High Power 600 Twin 540 Standard 600 High Power 600 High Power 600 High Power 600 4.8 -12V Input - 10Amp Motor Limit
Marine 15 545 6V - 12V Input - 15Amp Motor Limit
Marine 20 550 6V - 12V Input - 20Amp Motor Limit
Marine 25 High Power 600 6V - 12V Input - 25Amp Motor Limit
Marine 40 High Power 600 6V - 12V Input - 40Amp Motor Limit
Viper Truck Twin Motor 540 6V - 12V Input - 128Amp Motor Limit
Seismic Standard 600 6V - 12V Input - 30Amp Motor Limit
Quake High Power 600 6V - 12V Input - 100Amp Motor Limit
RV11 High Power 600 4.8V - 9.6V Input - 100Amp Motor Limit
Robbie 535 Navy 700 Water Cooled - 35Amp Constant Current

Mtroniks Viper Marine Speed Controller

Problem motor only able to run in one direction

  01. Ensure Radio Set is switched off.
  02. Remove speed control lead from receiver.
  03. Turn on power at speed controller switch.
  04. The red light should now show on your speed controller.
  05. Press the button down on the speed controller, (holding down for two seconds) then release.
  06. Then press the same button down four times for one second. (i.e. down one second then release)
  07. Allow speed controller LEDS to run through a sequence of flashing.
  08. Once the flashing has stopped you should have a solid red light showing.
  09. Refit speed controller lead to receiver.
  10. You are now ready run on factory settings.

In the event you still have problems phone Mtroniks technical department help line on 01943 461482.

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