Roker Park Model Boat Club


Membership Conditions

Conditions of Membership

New members are required to serve a probationary period of six months. If the relationship fails & is found to be incompatible then he or she will be asked to leave, their subscriptions will be refunded.

All applicants must pay a one off Enrolment Fee of £5 plus an Annual Membership Fee of £15
Members joining mid term will pay a one off Enrolment Fee of £5 plus £1 for each month remaining in the current year. This will bring all members into line ready for next year.
All renewing members will then pay only the £10 Annual Membership Fee.

The club has the right to refuse membership without giving a reason. If you would like to become a member, please complete application form.

Rules and Regulations

Subscriptions Are Due after the annual meeting in March
Any member who has not paid within 3 months will forfeit the rights to enjoy the clubs facilities and voting rights and must re-apply to re join the club.

Please be courteous check with other members already sailing that a frequency is not duplicated before switching on his or her transmitters & receiver.

Foul language will not be tolerated at anytime, at the lake side or any club event. Courtesy and consideration is expected at all times. Persistent offenders are likely to have their membership terminated without any financial recompense.

Please respect the environment and wildlife. Do not chase wildlife with your boats. Squirting water at members, general public and other models is not permitted. Large and fast models create a large wash, please consider smaller lighter models and slow down when adjacent. Power gives way to sail, however yachtsmen must not abuse this. Models using steam must apply commonsense and have a valid boiler certificates if required. Internal ‘LOUD NOISY’ Combustion boats are not permitted. Please respect local resident’s requests living near the park.

Children under the age of 12 should be supervised by a family member ro their representive at all times. It is incumbent on all members to be observant with unattended children and to assist in their safety. Instructions from Park Staff, Park Rangers or Wardens must be adhered to.

The members have a responsibility to try and correct any breach of these rules. Do not drop litter. Dispose of litter in the proper place.
Please assist the club integrity by wearing membership ‘badges’ at the pond. This is to assist the Park Staff, Wardens and the public in identifying genuine members sailing.

Insurance is in effect for the membership

Disciplinary Procedure

Any problems arising in the first instance should be raised / informed to the club chairman.

Committee members will decide if and what action is deemed necessary.

Any Member causing problems which are deemed intolerable to the clubs integrity and to clubs public status within Roker Park will be asked to leave forth with.